Customer reviews

Ray Armstrong, NY

Primavera movers is the one you are looking for. They are very professional and they get the job done in a blink of an eye. They are super-efficient and experienced. I hired them recently and got a great service. Their prices are competitive and very low. Their moving men moved me very passionately and smoothly. There were no kinds of damage anywhere and they did not just drop my things and leave. They helped me with the unpacking and staging without any issues. I had a wonderful time!

    Jack Adams, MD

    I was looking for the cheapest moving company. Primavera movers quoted the cheapest and that’s why we hired them. They turned out to be quite efficient. The movers showed up half an hour early on the moving day. Their work was impeccable and every little detail was taken care of. The delivery was made on time and they didn’t add any hidden costs to the final bill. I was absolutely ecstatic with joy at this point. These men made this move possible. It’s so good to see people still provide solid services without charging too much for it.

      Val Erickson, MD

      My family and I had a wonderful experience with Primavera movers. They helped us with our interstate move and they have done a superb job. Their sales rep gave me a fair price and also flexible payment methods. The moving men were efficient, caring and they covered last minute jobs without any issues. They treated me and my family with respect and never took any sort of advantages. They really are very nice. The delivery was on time and there were no damages upon delivery. We happily recommend them to all.

        Luke Murray, FL

        This moving company earned every single penny that I paid them. They worked so hard! My move was completely satisfactory. The moving men came on time on the day of the move and they moved all the furniture very nicely and carefully. They worked 6 hours nonstop and did not take a single break! They also delivered within the given time and assisted me with the unpacking and staging without any issues. There were no damages in the end and no extra fees too! I had a good move! I highly recommend Primavera movers to all.

          Kaliyah Boyle, CO

          Living on the top floor in a tall building with no elevator has taken a toll on us for years. I was sure that it was going to be a huge issue for the movers from Primavera movers as well. But they didn’t seem to mind that. They systematically packed everything into boxes and moved the boxes downstairs one at a time. The movers were extremely organized. The coordination among the men helped them finish the job even faster than anticipated. They delivered just a week later and all my valuables traveled quite well. These guys really know how to do their job properly and I really can’t praise them enough.

            Angela Moore, AL

            I recently moved from a 2 bedroom unit to a house quite a long distance away, with a fair bit of furniture and other belongings. I hired Primavera movers to assist me with the move. They sent me a fairly quote. They sent me 2 men who were on time, efficient, polite and friendly, and handled my things with care. The cost is reasonable and fair. It definitely was the easiest move of my life and all the credits belong to these fantastic movers. I would definitely recommend them among my friends and family.

              Kit Evans, TX

              So impressed with these guys. Primavera movers were fast, careful, professional and did the job so well. They were considerate, courteous, On-time, personable, honest, and knowledgeable. Absolutely fantastic and they will be our very first call when we move again. We recommend them highly.

                Jaqueline Odonnell, FL

                I took plenty of time in hiring the perfect company for my last move. A lot of the companies did have some great reviews but a friend of mine swore on his life that Primavera movers is the absolute best. So, I hired these guys. When I called them, they seemed very friendly and informative. They really gave me a good deal on the price. The movers arrived early on the moving. I just couldn’t believe how fast the men were. They packed and loaded everything from my apartment so quickly. The delivery was made right on time as well. All my goods made it without suffering any damages. Had I known about these guys, I wouldn’t even bother looking through those reviews.

                  Jaime Clements, MD

                  To be honest, I was not the easiest customer for any movers but throughout, the job was done well and up to my preferences. The movers of Primavera were very efficient and skillful. They wasted no time and done everything neatly. I have rarely seen such efficiency before in my life. They were truly awesome. They packed everything, and I mean everything, in such a short period of time. Then they carried the boxes and furniture out to the van and loaded them on. I was amazed that how they managed to be so efficient at such a low price.

                    Aileen Campbell, IL

                    Primavera movers was responsible for the easiest move of my life. The crew of four men worked so efficiently for a few hours packing up my 3-bedroom apartment. I believe their speed have saved me a lot of money. I sometimes wonder if these movers put up a face or if they are really that friendly! Either way, my possessions were safely delivered to my new house. The men even offered to assemble the furniture for me. After how helpful they had already been, I just couldn’t make them do that too! I give these guys big thanks from the bottom of my heart.

                      Kieran Neal, MD

                      I have had great experiences whenever I have moved with the help from Primavera movers. I have to say that this time, the guys that did our moving, were the best ever! They just never stopped even though there was a mountain of things that needed to be packed and moved! It was amazing to see how fast and efficiently they worked. I had a huge piano that had to be put in the upstairs rooms at the new house, I didn't think it would be possible, but beyond my expectations, these four boys moved and placed everything exactly where I wanted it to go with no problems! I’m very impressed with them.

                        Eloisa Rhodes, FL

                        As it was my first move alone, I needed to look around a bit on moving companies around my area. Most of the companies gave me ridiculous quotes, but Primavera movers offered me a very reasonable quote for me to hire them readily. On the moving day four men were sent. All four of them were very capable and experienced. It took them a very short time to pack and load all my belongings. I was super impressed when they made the delivery on time and all my valuables traveled so well. There wasn’t even a scratch on them. It won’t be too long that they will become the best in town.

                          Zishan Cameron, CT

                          Their biggest asset is their employees. From their manager to the movers- everyone was so friendly and efficient. The moving crew was all very nice, courteous and did a good job. It was wonderful. The guys bent over backwards to make sure I was happy. My belongings were picked up and delivered exactly as scheduled. Primavera movers made everything very easy for me. I have no complaints at all.

                            Ariyah Deleon, NY

                            I never had the best of impressions when it comes to moving companies. I hired Primavera movers a month ago hoping they would be different. It turned out to be the easiest move of my life. I usually have to bargain with the moving companies for hours so I don't get ripped off. But this company gave me such a reasonable quote that I didn’t have to say another word. Their crew was very efficient and needed almost no supervision. They packed all my stuffs with great care and then loaded them securely. The movers were also very clean. They delivered everything unharmed as promised and I really couldn't be any happier.

                              Wilfred Sharples, FL

                              Primavera movers is the best company for moving and packing supplies. All of my stuff arrived perfectly-not broken, not crushed. They assured low-ended prices. I must say they worked pretty quickly and they are efficient. Everything was systematic and the coordination among the movers was great. They maintained timings, were polite and helped out in every way they could. I would definitely use them again. They’re surely the best moving company out there.

                                Courtnie Powell, MD

                                Primavera movers was recommended to me by a colleague. I called them and they seemed to be very thorough with the questions. They called me back very quickly with a quote which seemed reasonable enough. Their men arrived on time on the moving day. I was quite delighted seeing the men at work. They were very skilled at packing my breakables. They loaded everything very expertly onto their vans. I received all my things on the scheduled delivery day and everything was in very good condition. This crew of four men blew me away with their organization, efficiency and overall performance.

                                  Aryan Keller, TX

                                  The movers from Primavera movers were absolutely fantastic. They were careful with our belongings and very efficient with their moving methods. They worked so hard to have my whole 3 bedrooms moved so quickly. They are very professional and respectful. It is a very hard job and they have done it with passion, and I thank this company and their team so much.

                                    Amanda Beaufort, FL

                                    Primavera movers did and incredible job! The guys were very professional and moved all my stuff faster than I could have imagined. It was an excellent experience for what is usually a huge headache. They had the best packing materials at the best prices. The delivery was timely and without any damages caused to my properties. The whole process was so simple and their manager was always available over the phone for any questions I have had.

                                      Seth Mays, NY

                                      We moved with Primavera movers last month. From the very beginning to the finish we noticed their all activities. Before hiring them we visited their profile, their service offers and their promoted quotation which was really attractive and appropriate. The team was enough efficient, polite and considerate. Their service was also competitively fair priced than other companies. They had no hidden cost and provided us a first class service. Many thanks to them and we would definitely recommend them to others.

                                        Albert Phillips, FL

                                        We searched about everywhere for movers we could afford. The selection is huge! Finally we came across Primavera movers. I must confess I was doubtful at the beginning as it was hard to believe that affordable moving service does exist. I don't actually know the reason, but their quotes are much cheaper comparing to their competitors. I was absolutely wrong in my beliefs I must say. The guys awesomely completed their job for the money we agreed at the beginning. Naturally, I was glad to give some great tips to the movers and I am happy I did use this company. To describe movers I can say that they are skilled enough to not damage the things and the property, are friendly, devoted, and hardworking.

                                          Lisa Torres, NJ

                                          There is a serious lack of responsible moving companies. When I hired Primavera movers for my last move, I didn’t think they would be any different given that they had quoted so low. Fortunately, they weren’t inefficient at all. The movers arrived right on time on the moving day. These men were extremely experienced. The company hired professional movers, not the jobless vagabonds. They packed everything so well that none of my things suffered any damages on the way. They maintained their schedules perfectly. This company is totally accountable for this job.

                                            Jane Murphy, SC

                                            A move across the country was never supposed to be easy. But, with some kind of divine intervention, the movers from Primavera movers made it happen without a single issue. They handled the move with efficiency, capability and organization. The movers were completely in-sync with each other and it only enhanced their efficiency. They carried huge pieces of my furniture quite effortlessly. The company has a new fleet of vans. So that was definitely a plus point. They delivered everything 7 days later and each item was completely unharmed. I just couldn’t believe it!

                                              Courtney Sleath, Texas

                                              They definitely do deserve praise. They are an absolute amazing moving company. They are efficient, professional and very easy to work with. They have very low rates and also price match guarantee. Their moving men move your belongings with care and makes sure not a single item is scratched or dented. They helped me with my long distance move last month and it was great! There were no damages anywhere and I mean anywhere! NO CHANGES in the bill too! IT WAS THE BEST MOVE EVER! I highly recommend Primavera movers to all.

                                                Christopher Russell, TX

                                                When I requested quotes from Primavera movers, I immediately got a call from them with a quick visit to my apartment for an accurate price estimate. The price was affordable so I decided to use the company. They work very smart and efficiently. They use proper tools and materials to move things as they are. The move went very smoothly and I was happy to tip the employees.